5 Tips to Boost Event Attendance Via Social Media

Events can be a perfect way to attract more business as you strengthen the ties that you already have in the community. They will also help you increase profits and sales, building your brand and spreading awareness about your business and the services you provide. With the help of events, you will be able to establish a connection between you and your clients or the community.


Even though there are many traditional methods you can use to promote your events, social media marketing has revealed to be a robust tool when promoting event attendance. Here are the tips to help you boost event attendance via social media marketing.

Creating an event on social media


Some social media platforms offer you a chance to create events and invite people to and attend and update it with pertinent information. Facebook events are the leading event features that are used in social media. The event can be either secret or public, and you can set them to be attended by invites only or set them to be attended by anyone who wants to join.


Posting regular limited posts


It is never a surprise that when boosting event attendance, you will need to post on almost every social media platform frequently. Bear in mind that when you post frequently, you will be creating more hype that will be seen by many people. Make sure you post relatively regular about the upcoming events, as this will inform people about the event and they don’t forget.


Using a hashtag to promote the event


Hashtags are commonly used on social media platforms such as Instagram twitter and Facebook. You can create a branded hashtag to boost your event. The moment users begin copying and using your hashtag, they will generate a discussion and enthusiasm about your occasion. This will give you free publicity that might go viral. Once the hashtag gains momentum, it will create a rendezvous metric that can be traced to various platforms.


Start early


Once you start creating an event, post a teaser on your social media sites to peak your users’ interest. This will create a conversation and curiosity among users. Make sure you post pertinent information and update once you have them as this will assist you in building interest and engagement. You can also share your posts and information on all your platforms in a unique way to make things interesting and have enough time to boost your event.


Schedule relevant posts to get more time in engaging


When planning for an event, you might not get that time to post relevant information on your multiple platforms. However, Facebook lets you schedule post before the due date, and various tools such as HootSuite and Rignite will help you schedule post on twitter giving you enough time to spare. They allow you to build numerous posts and set them to run on a schedule so that users will get the content when it is required. For example, if it’s relevant to Chinese audiences, you can post something about the lunar new year meaning


The use of social media marketing techniques streamlines the process of boosting your event attendance. Even though the approaches might require a small financial obligation, the majority of these tactics costs little.