Kim Kardashian’s Story

Kim Kardashian does not have any ordinary story – that’s for sure! She has come into the limelight in one of the most interesting ways a celebrity has ever become famous and that’s by making a famous sex tape that took the tabloids by storm, but before we get into the gritty details of that – let’s talk about her beginnings and where this beauty queen was raised.

Kim had the great opportunity of being very well connected, even as a kid. This honey hails from California and her late father, Robert Kardashian, was the defense attorney for O.J. Simposon. Yes, he was the dude that got O.J. from spending time in prison for murdering his beloved wife. Yikes. Well, anyway, Rob was a good friend of O.J., so good that he named him as the Godfather of Kim! So when he was accused of murder Mr. Kardashian went back to the legal field (he wasn’t practicing at the time) just to help his friend… Well, you know how that story goes!

Also, Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, started dating the famous Olympian Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn). The point I’m trying to make here is that Kim already had her foot in the door in the entertainment industry, but it wasn’t until she started a closet organizing business when she got out of school that led her to where she is today.

The big connection Kim made that got her noticed was with Paris Hilton. She started working for Paris Hilton through her closet organizing business. Paris to a liking to Ms. Kim K and started actually hanging out with her and inviting her to A list parties. Paris also came out with a sex tape and we think that’s where Kim might have gotten the idea to get publicity.

It wasn’t until she met Ray J (Brandy’s brother) though that she decided to put a dirty little film out there with him. We believe she felt comfortable with the idea of leaking a tape to the media with Ray J because that was her then boyfriend. I mean, if you’re going to put something that crazy out there, it better not be with a stranger! And you know, Ray J is all in for that, knowing his sleazy reputation.

Anyway, the porno video was finally “leaked” to Vivid Entertainment in 2007. At first, Kim Kardashian pretended she was pissed and even sued Vivid for releasing the tape. She ended up getting a few million out of the deal and so did Ray J, but no one knew how much it would make Kim famous. When the naughty video exploded on the internet, Kim became well-known globally – it even blew Paris Hilton’s tape out of the water. In fact, Kim’s tape is still the best selling sex tape in all history, and we can imagine why – it’s everything a porn movie is made of. The girl knows how to get down and dirty!

Well, after the vid was released, Kim got offers for a reality TV show – that’s how Keeping Up With The Kardashians became the hit show it is today. She pretty much made her whole family millionaires and created a brand name out of their name. It’s insane how one little dirty tape can lead to all her stardom she has now.

Kim Kardashian is now Kim Kardashian West. She married Kanye West a few years ago and they have a beautiful daughter named North West. She is currently prego with a son and is due in December on Jesus Christ’s birthday. The woman has fashion lines, perfume lines, and all sorts of other businesses. She is milking her famous status at all costs. She has even wrote a book that includes all her “selfies” and it has made a shit ton of money, too.

Whether you hate or love Kim Kardashian, there is no denying that she is killing it in the entertainment industry and the celebrity world. She is worth $85 million dollars. Boom.